• Add more examples:
    • crud_users: postgres. Postgres calls.
      *Document project: [page:database:postgres]
    • user_settings: mq. Send and subscribe AMQP messages.
      *Document project: [page:amqp]
    • jwt: ci integration. Basic CI integration with travis.
      *Document project: [page:ci:travisci]
    • jwt: container integration. Basic container integration.
      *Document project: [page:containers:docker:]
    • jwt: functional implementations. Async compose, types: errors, ROP documentation.
      *Document project: [page:functional]
  • Change command definitions:
    • inputs:
      Command defined with env vars, not cli commands (only use cli commands for short commands [big execution number of times]).
    • updates:
      Makes with inline, replace based ansible filters. (same things: number_of_postgres versions, etc… with default values)
    • .env:
      Recomend .env for auto updates and load envars in each directory (projects).
  • Contributions:
    • databases:
      • redis
      • mongo
    • containers:
      • firecracker
    • code analysis:
      • code climate
    • automated api tests:
      • dredd
    • aiolambda functional